Don't Become a Statistic

Don't Become a Statistic

Use Safe Ride to get home

Drunk driving can wreck your life and the lives of your friends, family and neighbors. Safe Ride was formed in 2009 to put an end to drunk driving in Natrona County.

The Natrona County Alcohol Task Force regularly keeps up with alcohol-related accidents and arrests. In September 2019, there were...

  • 3 alcohol-related accidents in the Casper, WY area
  • Nearly 30 DUIs issued to residents in their 20s and 30s
  • 41 DUI and 44 public intoxication (PI) arrests made in Natrona County

By using Safe Ride instead of driving home drunk, you and your loved ones could avoid becoming a statistic. Visit the About Us page now to learn more about this program.

Safe Ride works

Participating bars and restaurants give out Safe Ride vouchers so customers can get home safely. Every year, fewer people are using vouchers; in September 2019, only 11 vouchers were used.

That's good news because there have been fewer DUI arrests made in Natrona County since the Safe Ride program started.

With your help, we can eliminate drunk driving in our community. Contact us today to learn how you can get involved.