Support the Safe Ride Program

Support the Safe Ride Program

Your donation will help us provide free rides to our community

Safe Ride offers free rides to people who are too intoxicated to drive themselves home. Your donation not only helps pay for taxi  fares, but it will also help us increase awareness about the dangers of drunk driving.

Consider donating to Safe Ride if...

  • You know someone who was hurt or killed in an alcohol-related car accident.
  • You want to help us end drunk driving in Natrona County.
  • You're looking to support a good cause.

Contact us today to find out how to donate.

Anyone can donate

Safe Ride is fully funded by the Natrona County Alcohol Task Force, a local nonprofit organization. Our generous donors include citizens, small business owners and corporations.

We accept one-time and recurring donations of any amount. Just let us know how much and how often you'd like to donate.