About the SafeRide Program

About the SafeRide Program

Preventing drunk driving by providing free rides home

Between 2010 and 2018, Natrona County police officers issued more than 6,000 DUIs. Through the SafeRide program, the number of DUI arrests has been decreasing every year. Our #1 goal, however, is getting Natrona County residents home safe and sound.

SafeRide is fully funded by the Natrona County Alcohol Task Force, a 501(3)(C) organization. We partner with these...

  • Bars and restaurants: The Office Bar and Grill | Galloways | Poplar Wine & Spirits | The Gaslight Social | C85 Group
  • Nonprofit organizations: Wyoming Community Foundation | Mercer Family Resource Center
  • Health care organizations: Wyoming Medical Center (Safe Kids of Central Wyoming) | Casper-Natrona County Health Department
  • Law enforcement agencies: Casper Police Department | Mills Police Department | Evansville Police Department | Natrona County Sheriff's Office
  • Taxi services: Eagle Cab | Oil City Cabs | Casper Cabs


Our mission is to increase awareness of the dangers and realities of drunk driving and to ultimately put an end to drunk driving in Natrona County.



What we discuss each month

The Natrona County Alcohol Task Force meets monthly to review local DUI arrest and SafeRide voucher use statistics. During these meetings, law enforcement agencies and small business owners can talk openly and honestly about current drunk driving prevention methods.

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