Drunk Driving Is Deadly and Preventable

Use Safe Ride to get home safely

A night of partying is fun, but one wrong decision on your way home can be life-changing. The CDC says 29 Americans die in alcohol-related car accidents every day. Safe Ride aims to change that.

We'll pay for your ride-share or taxi fare so you can ride home free of charge. We'll drop you off at home anywhere in Natrona County.

Don't make a decision that could change your life forever. Let Safe Ride drive you and your loved ones home.

How it works

Using Safe Ride is easy:

Ask your server or bartender for a Safe Ride voucher.
Call 307-266-7233 when you're ready to leave.
Use your voucher to get a free ride home.

A local Uber, Eagle Cab or Oil City Cab driver will take you home. The next time you're thinking about driving home drunk, call Safe Ride instead. Your future self and loved ones will thank you.

Who we are

Safe Ride was formed by concerned citizens and law enforcement agencies in 2009. As of 2018, we've provided over 9,400 free rides to Natrona County residents.

The Natrona County Alcohol Task Force fully funds this program through donations. Join your friends, neighbors and small business owners in supporting the Safe Ride program. Together, we can stop drunk driving in our community.